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Saturday, July 11, 2020
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December 20, 2015: Christmas Pageant

Random Acts of Kindness

Thanksgiving through Advent, the youth learned about & practiced random acts during their youth gathering time, and beyond to home and school. The youth began collecting coins in containers they made during art time. We also shared this project with the Congregation. We had a container available during Fellowship Time to collect change in.


Thank-you to all who have donated to our “pennies from heaven” kindness containers. With everyone’s generosity we have collected $250.00 with which we have purchased gift cards for the Cot shelter.


We hope and pray that you all will remember that KINDNESS really does make a difference!



Advent, 2015: Leading in Worship

Christmas Carols

Throughout Advent, Junior Choir led traditional carols during Sunday services. We spent time discussing the four themes/virtues highlighted during this time of year: HOPE, JOY, PEACE, and LOVE and what they mean in the expectation of Christ's coming. These songs and more were also presented during the Pageant on Dec. 20.


September - February: Children's Gathering Lessons

Kid Power



Lent 2016: Children's Gathering Lessons

Jesus as my King


March 20, 2016: Palm Sunday


Linda Manor visit


April and May, 2016: Joseph and his Multi-colored Coat


We have been exploring the story of Joseph as a continuation of "Kid Power." God gives us all unique and incredible gifts.

Are we using them well? How can we discover what they are?


Trust that God has a Plan for Us

Trust God, not Circumstances

Have Integrity

Be God Dependent

Have Humility

Fully Forgive



Fall 2016: Be a Light


Children's Gathering discussed how to be a light in their communities. With the Junior Choir, the Sunday School put together a beautiful Christmas pageant highlighting different ways that we shine for others. Our words and actions have an impact on everything around us, even if we can't see it.




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