Florence Congregational Church
Tuesday, February 25, 2020
A Place to Connect

Growing in Faith

Florence Church: A Place to Connect


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For Youth 

Children's Gathering: Weekly Sunday School

Our interactive Sunday School meets every week during service.  Children enjoy Biblically inspired crafts and lessons.  Roughly once a month the Sunday School is invited to Church for a hands-on Children's Lesson from Reverend Averill.

First Sunday in February :: February 2, 2020

Children's Communion

Members of the Sunday School will be invited the Communion Table where they will learn the significance of the monthly Sacrament with Reverend Averill.  This will include both the bread and the "cup" (or juice, in the case of this particular congregation).  They will then be permitted to partake of the service with parental permission.




For Adults

Chapel Choir: Weekly Worship Singers through June :  Thursdays at 7pm, Sundays at 9am

Friendship Circle 


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