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Pastor Irv’s Corner - January 2014


Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

As I write, life in the Gammon household is in absolute chaos.  Thus, Brenda and I did not get out a Christmas letter to you all.  I am sure you all are wondering about the current status of the parsonage and Brenda and my journey as we enter a new year.  Let me recap the journey and share the plans.

As you know, Tom Masters of Murphy Reality listed the parsonage for sale back in late September.  He has had five Open Houses and has shown it many times to couples and families.  The initial price was set high with hopes it might sell above the assessed value.   That proved not to work.  The price was lowered to reach a different market, which appears to have been a good move as it has generated positive activity and responses of various realtor agencies in the area. 

Currently, there are prospective buyers who hope to purchase the property this month.  Of course, this is subject to an acceptable inspection report that is currently underway.  I completed some additional work on the parsonage in preparation for the sale that seems to have been helpful. That is the status of the parsonage situation- the hopeful sale this month.  Now for Brenda and my move.

Most of you know we bought a house on Ryan Road on November 4th of 2013.  This was not an easy process as our home inspector found some issues with the house that needed attention before we would consider the purchase.  First discovery was a rotted out power line and panel box that needed total replacement.  Second, the gas line to the furnace had three holes in it.  It needed to be replaced.  Once that was done, the furnace was test-fired and failed as it also had holes in the firebox.  The furnace was condemned by the gas company.  All this needed attention before continuing with the sale. 

Since we purchased the house we have been spending our evenings and partial days off working on the inside.  We are remodeling the kitchen as much of the plumbing, electrical and insulation was outdated or in need of repair.  We have a lot to do before moving in and do thank those who have pledged to assist us in January with the painting, cleaning and moving.  My brothers, from Maine and Arizona plan to come mid-January to help install the kitchen and drywall.   

So… the plan is to continue to work at adding insulation, installing drywall, and paint, through January. Our hope is to move around the last week of January.  The prospective buyers of the parsonage want to move into the parsonage at nearly the same time which will take some coordination. 

Meanwhile, we appreciate your patience, support, assistance, and love during this very trying time in our journey.  There are days we both feel overwhelmed, stressed, and slightly less than the 110% work ethic we try to live up to.  Please lift a few extra prayers for us, as we have officially about 30 days from Christmas Day to be ready to move with the current negotiation with the prospective buyer.


Pastor Irv



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