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Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Pastor Irv’s Corner - April 2014

Envisioning the Future of Florence Congregational Church

On March 10th several members of the church met together to discuss the future of FCC.  Picking up on the work accomplished by the Site Team that supported my Doctor of Ministry work, we plunged into a good conversation about our ministry practices and purpose here at FCC.  The first thing we needed to do was evaluate our current activities.

          We all agreed that our monthly suppers, “Connecting Community” are well purposed and successful.  Although some members have at times suggested that a specific charge be made for the supper, it continues to be a mission to the community without a specific fee. Attendees are asked to give as they can in the free-will offering baskets provided.

          We discussed the music ministry of the church.  Everyone noted the importance of the music selection for worship.  Dialogue centered on the generational gaps and challenges regarding music choices.  For example, many of the beloved hymns within our hymn book hold special meaning to long time members of the church.  These theological rich hymns greatly enhance the worship experience as members contemplate scripture readings, prayers, and the sermon.  And yet, some of these hymns may not empower and enrich the worship experience of younger people who have grown up with contemporary music found on Christian radio stations.  It is a challenge to find music that meets the needs of four generations.  All noted how fortunate we are to have professionals leading our music ministry.  Kirk (Music Director) and Nadine (Accompanist) are wonderfully talented and are wholeheartedly committed to the church’s work.

          Outreach continued to be raised in our conversation.  Connecting the church to the community is high on the priority list.  We reflected on what we are doing and what we might do to be more visible and vibrant.  We voiced our thoughts to the call of the church to serve Christ in community – service through missions, hands-on work and financial support of community needs.  We spoke of the various connections the membership has had with community endeavors over the past years beginning with the Church’s founding and response to the Civil War – that we were formed as an active social justice church engaging with the community of Florence in support of the abolitionist movement.

          As the night progressed we discerned that we have a lot of work to do, including greater discernment to what God is calling us to do right now, and the immediate future of the church.  Discernment is the key word.  What is God’s plan?  How do we fit into it as members of the Florence Congregational Church?  Many of us sense that the Spirit is strong, that God is speaking loudly.  The big question is, “Are we tuning in or turning a deaf ear?”

          Are you interested, concerned, or curious?  On May 4th following worship we meet for the FCC Annual Meeting.  We will have a light lunch of finger rolls and treats and then gather for the meeting.  We will take some time to talk about God’s vision for the Church.  There are several members earnestly praying, listening and reflecting on the stirring of the Spirit.  Please take some time each day to pray and listen yourself.  What is it that you hear God is calling us to do?  I have ideas, but it is you who must listen, reflect and discern the direction God is calling us to go.  Lastly, please make sure you have May 4th on your calendar.  Will you show God you care about his work here at the church?  Does it matter?  Will you make it your priority?  Your voice is important.  God’s work requires your commitment and dedication.  Show me it matters to you.

In Christ, Pastor Irv



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