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Thursday, February 20, 2020
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January 2015

When we're up to our necks in ministry, it can be hard to step back and take the long-view.  Reflecting back on the work of the FCC D-Min committee, I am interested in doing just that.  I would like to draw together some members to expand upon the hard work accomplished by the group.  

Where's the Holy Spirit leading us?  What are compelling, creative and faithful expressions of ministry for this time?  How are we being called to broaden and deepen our relationships as we follow Jesus Christ?  How will we engage more effectively with the community with the ministry we believe God calls us to do? 

Beginning early this month I am “calling” out to all of you to engage in the conversation.  I (we) would like to know what you think.  The community of Florence within Northampton continues to change.  People’s opinions and need of the Church has shifted.  Community activities and events crowd the hours of Sundays.  People have to make choices between attending Sunday worship, school activities and community events.  Sport competitions are scheduled regularly on Sundays.  What is a person to do?  Do the residents of Florence/ Northampton still believe the church is relevant?  I do!  Do you?

I believe people want and need a place of refuge/ sanctuary from the complexities of life.  Day in and day out, I hear people whine about how crazy their lives are.  Email, Facebook, phone calls, texting, instant messaging in addition to voice boxes that store too many messages, rob people of any sense of quiet personal time, much less anytime with God.  There is little to no room for God’s engagement.  There is no time.  For many, every minute of every hour is scheduled for something.

Life in the valley is crazy.  In addition to our sense of chaos, the demographics of Northampton certainly have changed too.  I have seen a lot in just my nine years.  Where do we fit in?  How will we continue to serve God within these changing social contexts?  We have a great facility that is well located to serve the community.  It is a great place to gather….to step out of the chaos, stress and challenges of keeping up with the overbooked calendar…a place to draw in the breath of God, the peace of Christ, and the strength of the Holy Spirit.

We need you to share your ideas, help evaluate our current work, and envision what God expects us to do.  Watch for the announcements of dates, times and locations in the bulletin and on the web page.


We hope you'll add your voice to the conversation...                     


                                                                                                         π    Pastor Irv


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