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Thursday, February 20, 2020
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Pastor’s Corner January 2016

Happy New Year! You may be one who begins the new year with a resolution to accomplish something specific this year. I’ve been there, done that a few times. This year I plan on taking measures to free myself from the constant tick tock of the clock which I cannot hear since it is digital. How often do you miss an opportunity to stop and smell the roses because you are supposed to be somewhere at such and such a time? You write appointments down on the calendar, or plug it into your iPhone, you set alarms hoping not to forget where you’re supposed to be. Well recently I stumbled upon a New Year’s Day prayer written by Eugene Birmingham. It reminds me Who ultimately is in charge.

Eternal God, for whom time does not exist but in who we live the time of our lives, you have crowned us with glory and honor, that we should be given dominion over the works of your hands. You have put all things under our feet- all plants and animals and the resources of the earth.

We schedule our time by the earth’s revolutions around the sun, but it is given meaning and purpose by revolving around the Righteous one. More than by dates, life’s meaning is marked by birth and death, planting and harvesting, reaching out and withdrawing, weeping and laughing, loving and hating, fighting and reconciling. You give us a sense of past and future and fill us with wonder before all your gifts.

You make all things new, which leaves us at once fearful and joyful. We are afraid of changing times but can trust your love as time moves on. We rejoice that part of your change will be the wiping away of mourning, tears, and pain.

More than all else, prepare us for the end of time, when we are judged not by the length of life, but by its quality. If we can look back on feeding the hungry and thirsty, clothing and welcoming strangers, and visiting those who are sick or imprisoned, we will remember time well spent. Enable us to judge the meaning of the minutes and hours of our days now as you will judge our years, but our ministry to Jesus through our ministry to the “least” of our sisters and brothers. May our living fulfill our praying so that another year will find us ever faithful to the Christ.     Amen

As you begin this new year, take a few minutes every so often to just breathe; open your eyes to the awe of God’s creation; touch something weathered by the wind, taste something unusual to your normal diet and to listen to the sounds unaltered by human words. May your new year be blessed with a new found peace.

                    π Pi




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