Florence Congregational Church
Sunday, July 15, 2018
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~ Internship Opportunity ~

Music Director at Florence Church


Florence Church seeks Music Director to plan and lead musical components of Fall worship. Applicants (in or graduated from college) must be able to communicate efficiently with Church staff and engage positively within the church community. They must show an enthusiasm for teaching adults (some of whom cannot read music) and a willingness to propose and incorporate new ideas for music in Worship.

Responsibilities include leading weekly Chapel Choir rehearsals, selecting and directing appropriate music for Sunday worship, and planning for special services/events such as Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, and Maundy Thursday. 3-5 hours on site per week. Up to 12 total with prep.  $300 per semester. Weeks off communicated well in advance to supervisors as they align with school schedule, personal emergencies, and/or inclement weather.


For more information, contact:


(413) 584-1325


Office Manager: Lousie Westcott

Pastor: Rev. Irven A Gammon



Detailed Responsibilities:


Chapel Choir Rehearsal

·         Weekly at Florence Church (previously Thursdays 7-8 or 8:30pm)


Planning and Leading Music for Sunday Worship

·         Participating in Hymn Committee meetings

·         Selecting appropriate repertoire for Introit, Anthem, and Offertory/Communion

o   Solos/small groups

o   Chapel Choir

o   Inviting/intergrating outside performers/musicians when possible

·         Communicating with Pastor (Rev. Irv Gammon), Office Manager (Lousie Westcott), and Organist/Accompanist (Nadine Shank), and other supervisors

·         Insuring coverage/substitute on weeks away

·         Special Services including but not necessarily limited to Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, and Christmas Eve


Available Music Materials:

·         Handbells

·         Hand Chimes (2 octaves)

·         Conga Drums

·         Sheet Music Library

·         Hymn books

·         Upright Sanctuary Piano

·         Rehearsal Keyboard and Piano

·         Pipe Organ

·         Choral, Lapel, and Standing Microphones


Florence Congregational Church • 130 Pine Street, Florence, Massachusetts 01062 • 413.584.1325