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Thursday, February 20, 2020
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Summer News 2017

July/August 2017

I have recently been approached by a couple desiring to join the Florence Congregational Church.   I pondered, thinking that there are folks gathered in worship who are active participants in the Florence Congregational Church but are not Church members.  Perhaps there are some who believe they are members because of their participation, and others who think the procedure is too cumbersome, others who are not ready to make a commitment, and still others who wonder what difference it makes.

The advantages of making your participation official are several:

1)      You may feel a stronger bond to this community of faith, and

2)      Your fellow Church members feel as though you have made a commitment to them as well as to the work of the Lord, and

3)      You then have the right to vote on important church decisions, and

4)      You may be elected to an official leadership position of the church engaging in the guidance of activities and the vision of the Church.

   I have colleagues who are always talking about the numbers.  How many members are in church on any given Sunday and how many people joined the church under one’s watch.  And yes, in some churches ministers are evaluated by the numbers- as if it fully represents the growth of the church.  In my thinking, the growth of the church is in direct proportion to the growth of relationships both with other members and with the Lord.  I am most interested in your growth as Christian disciples and your relationship with Jesus Christ.  My belief is that when we exhibit the love of Christ in our work as Christians both inside and outside of church, people will see we are genuine and come to our Church, and perhaps, when they experience your love, later join the Church.

    We cannot be about the numbers.  We ought to offer a quality of life that will be enriching to all.  After all, we believe that each member has a unique contribution to make, and can best add to that quality from within.  If you know of persons who are between churches or have expressed an interest in joining the Florence Congregational Church, please encourage them to speak to me.

    People may join the Church in one of three ways: by Baptism and declaration of faith; by transfer letter from another church; or by re-affirmation of faith. I would personally like to invite any of you reading this newsletter to consider the value of membership in the Church of Jesus Christ.  (Continued below)

 We here at the Florence Congregational Church believe this is a place of nurture and care offering an abundance of love to all who step across the threshold into God’s House.    May God’s blessing be upon you, now and forever more.


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