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Thursday, February 20, 2020
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 April News from the Pastor
Spring is upon us. Officially, according to the calendar spring begins on March 20th. I love the season of spring. I enjoy all seasons, but spring is my favorite because of the rebirth of the earth – the chirping of birds, the blossoming trees and the smell of new grass. Somehow, I don’t think spring in the southern climates could be the same for me. There is something precious and refreshing in observing buds appear on the bare and dead looking trees scattered about our town. Life is renewed in the creaking and groaning trunks as the sap climbs to the tips of the branches to feed the buds. I eagerly await this wonder of God’s creation again this year.
We, as Christ followers have been on a journey with Jesus during the Lenten season that began on Ash Wednesday, February 21st. Although we may have experienced pain, anxiety and guilt within our self-examinations, we are offered renewal, refreshment and new life in the cross. Christ himself took on our unworthiness – our guilt, shame and sin – paying the ultimate sacrifice that we might live. On march 31st we celebrated Easter.
Easter is the making of a new relationship between God and humankind. It is the opportunity for you to have an intimate relationship with your creator. I personally can’t imagine what life would be like without that relationship. Would I be able to know the hope that God’s love provides? Could I experience any value in living out life without some sense of God’s given purpose in my life? Could I love others if God had not first loved me? Would I be anything other than a physical being, destined for a few years on the planet and then dust>
Yes, this is the Good New! Christ is Risen! There is some other very important news for you to consider. On May 5th, the church members will gather for the spring Church Annual Meeting following a light lunch after worship. This is an extremely significant meeting, which every member is encouraged to attend. The church leadership team needs your thoughts and ideas regarding some necessary decisions. As you know, I have been working with the church Doctor and Ministry Site Team for a year and a half. We have discovered and learned many things in our journey together. We have begun to try to share our work with the various boards, committees and the Cabinet over the past couple of months. It is important that we have a chance to share our findings with all of you. If you’ve kept up on the newsletters, you know some of what the project focus was. We discovered many things in our monthly meetings, reading, and spiritual adventures; ideas we think you ought to know about.
Come celebrate the Lord’s blessing at worship when we join for communion and then stay for lunch as we prepare to share our thoughts, dreams and vision for the future of the church… this is an extremely important time of discussion and decision-making. Your input and thoughts are valued.
In Chirst,
Pastor Irv

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