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Thursday, February 20, 2020
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June News from the Pastor


I begin with a question, “What do you hear about the Florence Congregational Church?”  There are those who note the beauty of the church building.  Others comment that the church is “busy all the time”.  Many of the community come to the “wonderful suppers” and remark on the sense of fellowship and inclusion.  Occasionally, a visitor will note, “We really enjoyed worshipping here this morning… tell me a little about what Congregationalists believe.  I am very aware of the effort made by some to welcome people into the Florence Congregational community.  I think we have potentially a lot to offer folks who are seeking nurturing relationships, Christian education for their children, and fellowship opportunities.

The church is not just another civic club, which opens its doors to people with like minds who are adventurous and bold enough to darken its doors.  The church is the gathered people of God –  a community that supports each other, seeks to live purposeful lives, and extends their love and concern for the stranger, the lost, the outcast, the lonely, and those seeking spiritual direction.  As Christians, we need to recognize that we each are called to share the Spirit of Christ in our community.  We are to nurture one another as a church body within, but must always be ready to extend ourselves to welcome those who are looking…searching for someone to help them through tough times and decisions, and spiritual issues through love and compassion.  When we respond as agents of hospitality, healing and nurture, we too will grow in love and maturity as the Body of Christ.

I want to believe FCC can be all this and more.  God has blessed us with a property and facility that is well located and functional in sponsoring various ministries throughout the year.  In the coming days and months, we will have numerous opportunities to explore and pursue our Christian calling.   A few are:

·         An awesome and creative Vacation Bible School ministry that is already in the works for the week of July 22nd.  This ministry is officially a cooperative ministry of local churches.  The support of this church for this important community ministry is well known in the area.  The co-directors Brenda Gammon and Stephanie Flinker are actively recruiting individuals willing to serve in this important ministry with the children.  If you have mornings free the week of July 22nd, please consider sharing your talents.  You will have a great experience with the children, learn new things and grow a little yourself.  The children are great!  Their enthusiasm, excitement, joyful and loving spirit and smiles will warm your heart ten times over.


·         There are also plans growing for an ice cream social in August.  This idea will be promoted in the community with hopes to draw a large contingent to join our youth ministries in the fall.  You all are needed.  We want this to be a church-wide activity so the community gets to meet you… and you are available to greet and welcome them into the church family fellowship.  We will announce the date soon.


·         Early September brings the beginning of the official church year.  Although the summer pace slows down as we drift along in the hot summer sun, September’s pace quickens with the opening day of Sunday school, the return of our awesome choir and the bells.  We celebrate this grand occasion with an all-church day of festivities.


The church is at a crossroad.  Those of you who were at the May annual meeting know we need your full support of ministry efforts if we hope to remain a vibrant community church.  You are needed at each church sponsored event.  You wisdom, energy and enthusiasm is essential and requested, as we attempt to revitalize our church.  We hope to be proactive in our reach into the community over the summer months.  Please consider how you might help in this endeavor. 


Blessings, Pastor Irv


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