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Thursday, February 20, 2020
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May News from the Pastor

As we enter the month of May, many of us are already turning over the soil in our gardens, digging out winter’s left-over debris and perhaps adding some new soil.  We become eager to begin planting new seeds and transplants.  Spring brings a new sense of new life and energy that is essential after winter months.  The warmth and brilliance of the sun renew are being.

When I think of the refreshing gift of spring and our recent Easter celebration, I have to stop for a moment and ponder over how God has prepared the earth for another season of planting, harvests and flowering gardens.  During Lent my heart was tossed and turned over, perhaps smoothing over my rough human edges to allow the Holy Spirit fertile ground to implant new seed.  Maybe in this cultivation of thought and action there will be a renewed openness to the Word of God.


What we do with the seeds that God plants is up to the individual.  When you think of a seed planted in the garden, dry and lifeless, it is hard to imagine the beauty deep within the heart of it.  However, we know that unless the seed is planted, the wonder and splendor will never be realized.  Yet we cannot forget Jesus’ parable of the sower, in which we are given examples of a farmer scattering seed: some fell on the path and the birds ate it up, some on rocky soil and withered up, some fell in the thorny bushes and was smothered, and some fell in fertile soil and grew well (Matthew 13).


Just as seeds need to be planted in good soil and nurtured through watering and weeding, so do the seeds planted in our hearts.  We, as God’s created, have the potential for receiving the Word and with proper nurture, to grow and majestically bloom like the lilies of the field.  We will grow in character and fully reach our potential as purposed by God.  Deep within us are many gifts and qualities that have never been sown or cared for.


As spring is the time to plant, why not make it a time to allow those new seeds within your heart to grow?  We may need to overcome fears associated with the tasks of cultivation.  It is not easy to tend a garden; it takes discipline, consistent dedication and tender loving care.  So does growing a Christian.  May is a good time to face our fears, to be willing to recognize our potential for wholeness and love, attainable with proper nurture.


We have the opportunity in the life of the risen Christ to live healthy, productive and glorious lives because we are made in the image of our creator who made everything that is good.  As you prepare for this new spring and summer, take some time to cultivate not only your own seeds, but also your neighbors’.  Take some time to plant new thoughts of love and peace with prayer, reflection and nurture.  Take time to appreciate and cultivate friendships - community and family ties.  Remind people of their talents and gifts, so often taken for granted.

Remember the wondrous gift of Christ on the cross and bear witness of his salvation to those who have lost hope.  Go forth into the world praising God’s goodness and love for all creation.  Plant seeds of the kingdom, tend them and watch them grow.  May God continue to bless you and care for you with steadfast mercy and tender nurturing love. 

In Christ we serve,


Pastor Irv


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