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Friday, April 10, 2020
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February News From the Pastor

Dear Friends:


Though my tenure with you is short, I do want to share with you a few thoughts on our time together.   Indeed, it is my pleasure to be among you these cold winter days.


As I look around at the bulletin boards, note the various activities here at the Church (in a season that for many is "down time") and talk with you formally and informally, I see a church that is very definitely living out its faith in community - both within the religious body and within the secular community.   And that is exactly what we who believe ought to be doing.  That is who we are, for our Lord calls us from every time, place and circumstance to embody his love wherever we find ourselves.


Certainly, Florence Congregational Church faces the same challenges that face all religious bodies today.   We struggle for funds; we struggle for members; and at times we even find ourselves struggling to survive.   But as I look at your congregation, I see a church that will win those struggles.   Though you rejoice in your history, you focus on your destiny.  Though you miss those who have moved on, you embrace those who enter your community and celebrate the gifts they bring with them.   This is your mission.   This is OUR mission: to welcome the stranger and to love them to life!


Step forward, pilgrim throng!


(Rev.) Bill Duffé

Florence Congregational Church • 130 Pine Street, Florence, Massachusetts 01062 • 413.584.1325


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