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Thursday, February 20, 2020
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September News from the Pastor

On the Pathway together…


Want to be healthier?  Some studies say that if you are not involved in any groups, joining one can cut in half your chance of dying that year.  I don’t know how true this is, but I do know this: joining with others in common endeavors increases hope, trust and fun.  And the most popular groups to join in the United States are churches.  With all the activities at Florence Congregational Church, there is every reason to join in.  Besides what some studies say, being part of the church is a way to make a significant difference in your life as well as reach out and touch the lives of others.  The love of Jesus Christ which envelops us also inspires us to be people who strive for the better things of life: peace, mercy, forgiveness, hope, and healing.  Add into this the fun we have as a church together and there are all kinds of reasons why being active is a step in the direction of a fuller richer life.


All year long, we will be celebrating that we are all on the pathway together, a pathway that leads us in goodly directions with others to encourage us on the way.  I invite you to take those steps that will lead you to spiritual connection and more fully into the love of God through Jesus Christ.  We are on a pathway together!


When speaking of pathways, you will learn from the Moderator’s message that Brenda and I are on a new pathway.  Soon, we will have to move from the parsonage to a new place.  It is an anxious time for us in living with the unknown of where home might be come Thanksgiving.  We are actively searching for a place in the Florence/Northampton area.  This is a necessary move and a journey that we make with optimism knowing that with any change there is opportunity.  One such opportunity is the knowledge that the church (and me)   will not have to expend energy and resources on the parsonage upkeep…. letting go of that worry and obligation will free all of us to focus our creative energies on the mission and work of the church.  It is our intention to live close by to the church to continue to serve the call to ministry you extended to us eight years ago.  We look forward to our new path this fall.   


Lastly, as we begin our new church year we welcome Kirk Averitt to the Florence Congregational Church staff.  Kirk, a new student at U-Mass Amherst joins us to lead the choir and church membership in music.  He will work directly with our church organist, Nadine Shank and me on music for worship.  Kirk brings a fresh perspective on what it means to serve Christ today in this ever changing world we live in.  Please welcome Kirk when you see him.  He begins his official duties September 1st and welcomes you to join him for choir rehearsal on September 5th.



                                Pastor Irv




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