In Spirit

I would like to wish everyone a glorious Sunday Morning!

I admit that when I look out the window, it is particularly gray, but the snow has melted and the two-day rain we’ve been having has stopped (for now).

This morning’s sermon can be found here and is chronicled under the ALL SERMONS tab above. I tried to write is as if I were speaking it in my usual off-the-cuff fashion.

Stay warm, stay safe, and may God bless you.

One thought on “In Spirit

  1. Hi Averill,
    Thanks for your message…. I am one who enjoys the light immensely. Love the mornings when the darkness of night gives way to the sun rising sending blasts of laser-like beams of light onto my face. Hope you feeling better and recovering from your cold. Best, Irven PS: Look forward to our video conference Exe. Comm meeting on Thursday. How is the WIFI connection at your place?

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