New Flag in YouTube Studio

I know many of you have not only indulged in “Archdeacon spotting” during my weekly youtube sermons, but also have tried to pick out the flags that I have hanging or draped over various pieces of furniture in my living room here in Colebrook, CT. So far, to count, the Y Ddraig Goch (or the Flag of Wales) has been shown in the background in the most prominent position, with St. Andrew’s Cross popping up here and there. The Lion Rampant (or the flag of the Crown of Scotland) was visible in a Kid’s Sermon in May.

These are all flags that are in my personal collection. I started hanging the flags because I was asked to “bring more color” to the room which, I admit, has neutral colored walls, furniture, and curtains.

I have a personal history with each of these flags and, really, all that was missing from my collection was The American Flag, having been born in America and having held citizenship for my entire life, and The French Tricolour, as my grandmother was Parisienne.

As of yesterday, the former has been rectified.

I would like to thank my friend, organist and budding theologian Kyle B., for the gift of The American Flag, that, according to its records, flew over the Nation’s Capital and was given with all due honor to a veteran’s widow. It now hangs proudly over the “trapdoor” in my living room and impromptu youtube studio.

I’m certain, for the enthusiasts who watch Archdeacon’s comings and goings during the sermons, we’ll see the door (and flag) being pushed open and prodded closed in the next couple of weeks.

The American Flag will first appear in Sunday, July 19th youtube sermon, as the previous week as already been recorded.

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