Redesigning of the “Sunday Sermon” Newsletter

Redesigning of the “Sunday Sermon” Newsletter

Today Rev. Averill is sending out a test version of the new format to Sunday Sermon weekly email.

The hope is to make the weekly emails more dynamic, a tad more colorful, and easier to navigate than the textual option used over the past several months as we switched over to virtual ministry. This will also make managing our subscriber lists (and giving people the ability to subscribe or unsubscribe) faster and more user friendly.

Constant Contact is an email marketing service that, among other types of groups, specializes in religious organizations.

Of course, we want to now what you think of the new format. Is it easier? Too showy? Do you like having a picture from our youtube sermon there to brighten things up a bit?

Would you like the mini-sermons sent out this way in future for those of you who like getting them with a weekly email?

Does this not matter at all – information is information?

As always, FCC is here for our parishioners and for our community. What you think and want matters to us. We at Florence Congregational are here to serve Christ’s children, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, age, politics, faith persuasion, &c.


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