Communion on Zoom

Everyone, we are trying something a little bit new this upcoming Communion Sunday — per request of parishioners.

I know many of you are not computer savvy, but directions will be sent out and members of our community have volunteered to help out if you are still completely confused come September.

This zoom service will replace the youtube sermon for the week of September 6, but it will be recorded and posted on youtube and here on the website later that week.

Remind Me About Communion Sunday (it’s been awhile)

Communion Sunday is traditionally held in our church the first Sunday of every month. (The next one is September 06.). During Communion we celebrate the Lord’s Supper and eat the bread and drink from the cup in Holy Communion with Christians around the world and throughout time.

How can I do this online?

Easy. You log in at the appropriate time.

Rev. Averill and Kathy Marks will run a worship service which will include communion.

At this time, Rev. Averill will lead in eating the bread and drinking from the cup — and you, at home, can join in with her. All you need is a bit of bread (or cracker or even leftover cereal) and something to drink (usually juice, but could be water or tea/coffee).

While Communion is a sacred event, it is nonetheless an event meant to bring us together. Jesus used what he had at the Last Supper (and they just happened to be bread and wine). Many of us live in self-isolation and may not have access to the usual “bread” and “grape juice”; however, it is the spirit of the ritual, and not the physical pieces of it, that are important.

What Program do I need?

We will be using Zoom is an online “videochat” where you can join private meetings.

However, you do not need a paid account to join a meeting.

A couple of days before the meeting, Rev. Averill will send you a personal invitation to your email with the link to the meeting and password. If you already receive The Parish Visitor in your email inbox, then you’re on our mailing list. If not, please fill out the contact page so we can add you.

You do not need a camera to join a zoom meeting. If you have one and want to turn it on, that’s great. That way, every can see you in your home. If not, that’s completely alright too.

You also do not need to RSVP to the zoom meeting. If you’re available, you can join at any point after the worship service has started (and leave at any point as well). If you aren’t, then we’ll send you an invitation to our next zoom worship service.

… get on the mailing list!

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