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This is backdated and was originally posted on the sermon page for 9/6/2020 “The Angel of Death” prior to the zoom service.
If you have been directed to this page, it is because the information is relevant to a future zoom service/zoom communion at FCC.

How to Celebrate the Lord’s Supper Virtually

When Jesus celebrated Passover two thousand years ago with his disciples, he knew that he would soon be arrested. The bread and the cup were symbols of a meal long past, but the new meaning behind these rituals were the fellowship Jesus and his followers felt with each other, along with the promises that were made that night.

We, as Congregationalists, hold the communion with our fellow believers sacred, and not necessarily the physical bread and the cup. As such, in virtual communion, what is important is that we are connecting not only with one another, but with Christians throughout the world and throughout time.

The bread and the cup are symbols and, as such, can be anything in your home that works for you the morning of Communion. The church and the Christian community are operating under extraordinary circumstances, and as such we must adapt to the times, however much we might not wish to.

On Sunday morning, the bread can be granola, it could be a piece of leftover birthday cake, it could be a handful of walnuts – anything that is food that can be eaten.

The cup is similarly just a cup. Although Jesus drank wine with his disciples and many Protestants now use grape juice, any juice or liquid is suitable. If you forget to go out and buy some cranberry juice, your morning coffee or tea will do just as well.

Download Zoom in Advance

To join a meeting using your web browser, you can log in here at 10 am, Sunday morning.

Click here if you would like to download the zoom client. This is not required to zoom live at the appointed time, although many people prefer it.

Request a Zoom Invitation from Rev. Averill

If you are not already on “the Parish Visitor” mailing list or have not received an invitation to join the “zoom meeting” by 5 pm on Thursday, please email Rev. Averill directly. Invitations will be sent out as late as 7 am on Sunday morning upon request.

Zoom etiquette

Please note that although our service will be live and available to anyone with a zoom invitation, microphones will be muted (and should remains so) unless someone is speaking in the worship service or music is being played.

This is to avoid feedback and sound overload.

If you have any questions, please email Rev. Averill directly.

Recording and Posting of our Zoom Service

Our Sunday Communion and Worship Service will be recorded (barring technical glitches or human error) on Sunday morning. It will later be posted to youtube and to this sermon page later in the week.

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