Posts from June 2021

Searching for a New Organist

Starting June 2021, Florence Congregational Church is searching for a New Organist!! If you play the organ or know someone who does and are interested, please contact Diane Barrett at the Florence Congregational Church. Office Number: (413) 584-1325

Farewell to Kathy Marks

We wish Kathy well as she embarks on the next step of her musical journey. We will be having guest organists at Florence Congregational (and Kathy will be subbing with musical mp3s that will be appearing on our website) as we start the search for a new organist. We were able to have our first coffee hour and farewell party just last week and below you can see some pictures taken that are also posted on our facebook page.

Mini Sermon #59

Sermon Lesson: John 3:1-12 Old Testament Lesson: Isaiah 6:1-8 Psalm: Psalm 29 In A Nutshell Some of you might recognize the sermon lesson as an extension of Sunday’s lesson and I thought I would take the opportunity of June’s Pine Grove News to expand on Sunday’s Sermon. For a quick recap for those of you who were not in church on Sunday: Nicodemus was a learned Pharisee, one of the Sanhedrin (or high court), and considered Jesus a teacher.  However,…