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Testing the App

Hi all This is Reverend Averill! I’m testing the mobile application. It’s a bit surreal as I’m on a new mobile phone (may my old model RIP) …. But I wanted to test this ASAP and get the glitches out. For our regular readers, our YouTube sermon will be posted by 3pm tomorrow. Yours faithfully

Mini Sermon #3

Sermon Lesson: 1 Peter 3:13-16Psalm Reading: Psalm 66:8-20 Why Must We Talk About Suffering?? This afternoon I went and did what I always do before writing (or preaching) a sermon: I read through the text in full. Usually, I get an impression, an idea. Maybe even an image. Today’s image was not so great. There was a sense of dread in my stomach and–I’ll admit it, I thought, “Christ, this is depressing.” And, you know, at first glance it kind…

Mini-Sermon #2

Psalm: Psalm 31:1-5, 15-16Sermon Lesson: 1 Peter 2:2-10 This morning I will focus specifically on 1 Peter 2:2-3. This is undoubtedly a spiritual passage and it is also meant to be an evocative one. It speaks, obviously, of a Christian’s desire for God, and the first two verses use a metaphor involving early childhood. When I was quite young, we played always a game to figure out who had the earliest memory. Who could remember what? How old? What did…

Mini-Sermon #1

A Quick Note Before I begin:I have had multiple requests since I started posting my youtube sermons to also distribute text sermons, as well. As my preaching style is completely extemporaneous, I’ve decided to create a parallel sermon series where I look at another reading from the lectionary each week that compliments the sermon but is not necessarily on the exact subject. I hope you enjoy! Old Testament Lesson: Psalm 23Sermon Lesson: Acts 2:42-47 This week is Communion Sunday. Instead…

May 2020 Parish Visitor

Our May 2020 is now available. It has been sent via email and in paper to everyone in our mailing list. It can also be viewed online here.

I say a little prayer for you…

I just recorded the Easter Message which will be posted here in the sermons section on Saturday night at the latest. I will admit it’s a little strange talking to my computer for thirty minutes (yes, it seems to be one of the longer sermons). Hoping everyone is well this joyous Holy Week! Yours Faithfully, aeb

In Spirit

I would like to wish everyone a glorious Sunday Morning! I admit that when I look out the window, it is particularly gray, but the snow has melted and the two-day rain we’ve been having has stopped (for now). This morning’s sermon can be found here and is chronicled under the ALL SERMONS tab above. I tried to write is as if I were speaking it in my usual off-the-cuff fashion. Stay warm, stay safe, and may God bless you.

I’m All Alone

A Message from Rev. Averill Elizabeth Blackburn: Music has always been a part of my life, which is perhaps not surprising given that I was brought up in churches and listening to old vinyls. Those who know me know that I have the annoying tendency to break into song. When I recall past friends, I almost always have a tune that goes with each person. To anyone who “borrows” my computer at a future date: yes, I do have a…