A Continuing Discussion of the Bill Newman Show – April 28, 2022.

Instead of a mini-sermon this issue, I thought I would expand on a discussion I had on “The Rev and the Rabbi” portion of The Bill Newman Show I participated in this Thursday, April 28, 2022.  I am a guest with Rabbi Justin David of B’nai Israel every last Thursday of the month, and we discuss topics that vary from the Holocaust to our weekly sermons. This week we touched on the topic of the war in Ukraine and what…

Bill Newman Podcast

Miss Rev Averill on the Bill Newman Show this past Thursday? No problem! Listen to the podcast below. The conversation on the Holocaust between Bill Newman, Rabbi David, and Rev Averill begins at about 50 minutes.

A Letter from Rev. Averill

Reclaim our Sacred Space By Rev. Averill Elizabeth Blackburn During the past several weeks, Florence Congregational Church has gone through a great many changes—and several people have come to me in distress over these changes.  I understand.  I, too, have been distressed by the one week removal of our cross.  I have found the new stage area in our sanctuary to be foreign.  I mourned seeing the sign of our church removed from the side lawn. At times like these,…

Daily Hampshire Gazette

Florence Congregational Church (FCC) and the Bombyx Center have been featured in the Daily Hampshire Gazette. If you haven’t already read the article, read it here.

Mini Sermon #62 A Reformation Sunday

Reading: Romans 3:23-28 (NRSV) Indulgences.  We hear that word and maybe think of a candy bar, a beer on a Friday night, or maybe some chocolate chip cookie dough.  However, in the Middle Ages, the term “indulgences” was a religious word.  An indulgence was a piece of paper that the Catholic Church sold to absolve you—anyone really—of a sin.  The greater the sin, the costlier the indulgence.  They were invented when the Catholic coffers ran a little dry.  Why not? …