Rev. Averill Elizabeth Blackburn

Rev. Averill Elizabeth Blackburn

God is Love. We know it. We hear it. But what does it mean?  How does it affect our day-to-day lives in 21st Century America? 

To address this question, Reverend Averill begins with deconstruction of the Biblical text, looking at the worldview of Jesus and his followers through the specific language used in order to understand God’s message as it applied to them during that time period. 

Two millennia later the Bible continues to speak to us. Once we have translated it, piece by piece, we can begin to understand how we can interpret it for the world we know today. 

Reverend Averill is particularly passionate about music for worship services. She appreciates a combination of traditional hymns in tribute to the church’s rich history as well more contemporary music addressing to today’s culture.

The Reverend’s journey includes an upbringing in Northwestern CT, Wales, Scotland, and the Orkney Islands. 

Reverend Averill comes from a family of ministers. Her parents are both ordained and serve two separate churches in Connecticut. Her late grandfather went to seminary on the GI Bill and did not retire from ministerial life until his late 80s.

Rev. Averill is the proud aunt of two adorable (but opinionated) boys who are in and around the toddler years.  On her “secular days” the Reverend is known as “Auntie A” or simply “Auntie.”

Reverend Averill is also the rescue mother of The Archdeacon, a cat who often has a great deal to say whenever Rev. Averill films youtube sermons or is in a zoom meeting. 

AD enjoys a devoted fanbase both online and at home — where he pays court.  Archdeacon is now on facebook as Archdeacon Grantley-Blackburn.

Archdeacon was named after Archdeacon Grantly (or Dr. Theophilus Grantly) in Anthony Trollope’s the Barsetshire Chronicles.


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