Mini-Sermon #11

Sermon Lesson: Matthew 13:18-23 (NRSV)Full Sermon Lesson: Matthew 13:1-9, 18:23 (NRSV)Psalm: Psalm 119:105-112 (NRSV) For the purpose of my mini-sermon this morning, I want to talk about the idea of the “Biblical edit” and why that’s a very good thing for us, 2000 years since the birth of Jesus. First, however, a little disclaimer:In thisContinue reading “Mini-Sermon #11”

Mini-Sermon #10

Sermon Lesson: Matthew 11:16-19 (NRSV)Full Sermon Lesson: Matthew 11:16-19, 25-30 (NRSV)Psalm: Psalm 45:10-17 (NRSV) Jesus, like many great men and women before and after him, despaired at the contrariness of people. Nothing was ever good enough. When it rained, people wanted shine. When the heat beat down on the desert lands of Israel, they complainedContinue reading “Mini-Sermon #10”

Mini-Sermon #7 (or the Racist Jesus)

Sermon Lesson: Matthew 10:5-15Full Sermon Lesson: Matthew 9:35-10:8aPsalm: Psalm 100 It’s romantic, in a way, to think of Jesus 2000 years ago alone and wandering from village to village, performing great miracles. Children would look up at him with wide eyes, women would fall to his feet and thank him, and the ever present TwelveContinue reading “Mini-Sermon #7 (or the Racist Jesus)”

Mini-Sermon #5

Sermon Lesson: 1 Corinthians 12:3b-13Psalm Reading: Psalm 104:24-34 Before the Beginning… We, as Christians, tend to view the Holy Spirit as a “Christian innovation”. This, however, is hardly the case. The Holy Spirit has been around for a great deal longer. “To begin at the beginning,” God is eternal. God is everlasting. God existed beforeContinue reading “Mini-Sermon #5”

Mini Sermon #4

Sermon Lesson: 1 Peter 4:12-14Psalm: Psalm 68:1-10 Former/Future Messages Referenced:Youtube Video: The Love Map Pt. 1Youtube Video (coming THIS SUNDAY): The Love Map Pt. 2 Today we continue with 1 Peter. When Peter was writing, the Church (or the movement of Christ’s followers) were in a bit of an identity crisis. Jesus–the Messiah–had been executed,Continue reading “Mini Sermon #4”