Test Page for Fellowship

Test Page for Fellowship

Florence Congregational Church, 130 Pine Street, Florence, MA 01062

Florence Congregational (FCC) is a small, community based church in Florence, a community just north of Northampton, MA. With roots in early denominational cooperation and the Abolitionist Movement, Florence prides itself on faith, a love for Christ, and community.

Like other houses of worship, Florence has been forced to move online during the continuing health crisis. At times we may not see each other, but through various forms of ministry, we feel more connected then ever.

Currently, we hold a full worship service and communion service the first Sunday of every month on Zoom. All Friends of Christ and Seekers are welcome. On non communion Sundays, our Rev. prerecords a video sermon, which includes hymns played by Kathy Marks, our organist.

On top of that, Rev. Averill runs a ministry blog, on our official website, which includes a 6-page written sermon (or “mini sermon”) posted midweek. For those in our community who prefer a non-technology option, FCC sends out a weekly newsletter including the Rev’s mini sermons and letters from church leaders.

God is Love. We know it. We hear it. But what does it mean?  How does it affect our day-to-day lives in 21st Century America? 

To address this question, Reverend Averill begins with deconstruction of the Biblical text, looking at the worldview of Jesus and his followers through the specific language used in order to understand God’s message as it applied to them during that time period. 

Two millennia later the Bible continues to speak to us. Once we have translated it, piece by piece, we can begin to understand how we can interpret it for the world we know today. 

Located At:
130 Pine Street, Florence, MA 01062

find us online @ fccnorthampton[dot]org

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