Request a Zoom Invitation

Request a Zoom Invitation

Until We Reopen on Nov. 1st, FCC is Moving to Live Zoom Worship Services

All Friends of Christ Welcome

Invitations to our zoom worship services are by invitation only and password protected to avoid hacking.

If you are on the Parish Visitor mailing list, then you automatically will receive an invite each week (except Oct. 18th, when we will have a prerecorded youtube sermon to allow for Cabinet to meet during regular church hours).

If not, you can request one using the form below or by contacting Rev. Averill Elizabeth Blackburn, as she hosts and controls all zoom worship services.

Email the Reverend directly at

Request a Zoom Invitation

*please note that if you request an invitation after 7 am on the morning of service, we may not be able to honor the request due to time restrictions

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